This page contains the feelings of students of the Xth Class about the school, in their last days at the School.


‘Nostalgia’ -  it is delicate but potent. In Greek ‘Nostalgia’ means ‘the pain from an old wound’. It is a twinge in your heart, far more powerful than memory alone- a feeling of a place where we ache to go again. 

That is exactly what I feel when I think of my school. Ten years have gone by and now I am left with memories. From petty fights, playful teasing and funny games to mature talks, relatable rants, empowerment, and support and again the petty fights ending with huge smiles, we have experienced it all.

I thank all my teachers for having created this environment for us, which helps us seek our own paths of self-discovery, morality and discipline, I thank my school for having made me self aware of my actions and words.                                                                                                                              Sreeja Basappa ‘X’B                                                                                                                

The ten years in Acharya Vidya Kula have been a wonderful experience for me. I have learnt much and have had great teachers and caring friends                         Manya M ‘X’ B

I remember my first day at AVK, crying to get into class, wondering why I was attending school. Ten years later, much has changed. From being a small kindergartener to an awesome kid! I thank AVK for providing me so many experiences and memories which I will cherish forever.                                                                                                                                                                            Chirag S ‘X’ B

Acharya Vidya Kula is not just a school, it is a place filled with peace where we learn morals. Each student comes with a dream which is fulfilled to great satisfaction. I am thankful to all those who have made ten years of my schooling memorable.

Tejas H S ‘X’ B

My most memorable moment in school life is when I was in class one. We were all new to each other but soon became friends and talkative too. I remember one rainy day when one of my friends had brought a top to school and we had such fun spinning it in the Yogashala, without a care. Over the years, as I grew up, my responsibilities increased but I continued to have fun with my friends in school. Another memory which I shall cherish is my place in the last row in eighth standard. I loved this place as I had a marvellous view of the beautiful scenery outside!

Sudhanshu M  J-‘X’ B

When I joined this school, I was attracted by its structure as it resembled my grandparent’s home. This made me more comfortable. Though it took me a while to make good friends, I am happy to say that I now leave with a group of friewho will stand by me.

Satvik N Kaikini ‘X’ B

What an amazing journey it has been- one of laughter, tears, growth and knowledge. Here, we learn to never judge a person, to stay true  to our roots and that friends can be found in the most unexpected places. We have no words to express the immense gratitude we have for the person behind this institution –our dear ThaTha, Sri Siddharthacharry,, the most humble, down the earth person.

Sanjana R Kashyap ‘X’ B

When I entered this school ten years ago I felt it was a wonderland. I love this place which is full of greenery and has a friendly environment. I am lucky to have had friends who have loved me and cared for me. I have fond memories of my class teacher in the Primary Section , Nalini Ma’am. She was a caring mother and a friend.

Sampada M

Theses ten years in Acharya Vidya Kula have been the most amazing years of my life. I have made several friends and learnt much. The best part of this journey was that I had my elder brother with me. He is just a year older to me so he was always there to take care of me. I now leave with a lot of fond memories.

Neehal S  Rahman ‘X’ B

I would like to re collect my first year in this school. On day one, I was so confused, a little frightened and extremely excited. I saw some of my friends crying, weeping and sobbing. But it was our gentle class teacher Nalini Ma’am who comforted us. Though we were troublesome, she happily tolerated us. Her care and concern helped in providing a good base for a happy school life.

Nakshatra V R ‘X’ B

I entered the school in Class I with tears in my eyes as I did not want to leave the comfort of my home and my parents. But now, ten years later, my eyes are again filled with tears as I have to leave the comfort of my school and I am apprehensive about the new environment I have to settle into. Along the way I have met some wonderful friends and teachers who have made my schooling meaningful.

Harshil Jain ‘X’ B

I joined this school in class VIII. Though it took me a while to adjust to the new atmosphere, I soon made myself comfortable. I have learnt much from my friends and teachers.

Hamsarani L L ‘X’ B

I came to the school with eyes blinking with astonishment. The environment was welcoming and filled with joy. I know that my school will always welcome me with the same joy it gave me on my first day.

Esha K S ‘X’ B

My friends and teachers are responsible for what I am today. They have given me happiness and knowledge. Of course there are a range of memories , some good and some not so good. Together they have made me a strong person.

Anudeepthi ‘X’ B

My association with Acharya Vidya Kula started in Class VI. I have never felt like a stranger, though. I carry with me some wonderful memories. The morning prayers reverberating in the Yogashala, the desperate longing for the bell in some periods, racing my friends  to the basketball court and the little chats we had between two classes are but a few of these memories. The short break and lunch break was when our class sprang to life. We enjoyed sharing our lunch, teased each other by hiding pencil pouches and water bottles. This was also the time when we planned and practised for various events. Our plans for the future also took root here. ‘AVKian’ is not just a label I’ll carry. It reminds me to be humble and honest. It gives me pride and my true identity. Most importantly it reminds me to be a good human being.

Mahathi B V S ‘X’ A


I have been in Acharya Vidya Kula for seven years and each year has been filled with ups and downs but with lots of happiness. I have had to jiggle with many activities but have enjoyed doing so.

R.Sanaatan  ‘X’ A

The atmosphere in AVK was incredible. So noisy, but still pleasant; so childish but still mature; so calm, but yet exciting. My classmates and the fun I have had with them is unforgettable. I have been fortunate to have made some precious friends and to have experienced the best teachers.

Kanva ‘X’ A