Events - 2015

World Environment Day, 5th June 2015

World Environment Day was observed at Acharya Vidya Kula on 5th June 2015. Sri. P.V. Bharadwaj, Zonal co-ordinator of CMCA[Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness] was the Guest Speaker. He touched upon the theme ‘Consume with Care’ and illustrated to the students, how, in their daily activities they can avoid wasting resources and be wise consumers. He also gave them an idea of waste segregation and spoke about the time taken for different materials to degrade.

Students presented a skit, shared information and made posters on the theme ‘Reduce, Reuse, Refuse and Recycle to be a caring consumer’.

Founder Patron of the School Sri. V. Siddharthacharry, Principal Kum Sarojini B.T, Vice Principal Smt. Sudha M Kumar, teachers and students were present on the occasion.

International Yoga Day, 22nd June 2015

The School celebrated the International Yoga Day on 22nd June. The Vice Principal, Smt. Sudha Kumar, inaugurated the event and spoke of the universality of Yoga as a means to physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and how this day is being celebrated in 192 countries accross the world. AVK has by tradition introduced its children to Yoga practice from Class I. She asked the children to continue its practice to enjoy lifelong benefits. Sri. V. Siddharthacharry, founder Patron of the School also spoke on the occasion and told the children that he had been practising Pranayama since his childhood and that he keeps fit even at the age of 95. Children later demonstrated simple Asanas shown in the photos below.


Investiture Ceremony, 2015

AVK conducted it's annual investiture ceremony on 27th June 2015. The ceremony inducts the School Captain and Vice Captain, both of whom are elected by the students. Anurag Anand Vaidya of class X was inducted as the School Captain and T N Panchami of Class IX as the School Vice-Captain. Captains and vice captains of the four houses: Aaruni, Nachiketa, Shwethaketu and Upamanyu were also inducted. The Chief Guest for the event, Dr. Mrs. Shalini Urs, Chairperson, MYRA School of Business, Mysore spoke on the occasion and exhorted the students to imbibe leadership qualities. She said that they should dream big and take necessary steps to make their dreams into reality. She also said that students should have an icon whose good qualities they could emulate. Dr. Shalini told the students that failure was not something to be ashamed of, but a stepping stone to success.

The following leaders were elected for 2015-16: School Captain: Anurag Anand Vaidya; Vice Captain: T.N. Panchami. House Captains, Vice Captains and House mistresses are given below..

Aruni House Nachiketa House Shwetakehtu House Upamanyu House

House Teachers – Smt. Sujatha.S., Smt. Rathnashree

House Captain – Vijeth.K.S. – Std X

House Vice Captain – Pratheeksha.S. Nair – Std Ix

Junioe School Vice Captains:

  1. Aditi Kumar – V A
  2. Chiranth – V B

House Teachers – Smt. Damayanthi Patidar, Sri Chandrashekar

House Captain – Brinda.M. – Std X

House Vice Captain – P. Shukla – Std Ix

Junior School Vice Captains: 1. Advaith Kashyap – V A Rohith.S.Murthy – V B

House Teachers – Smt. Sumathi.J., Smt. Suchethana.B.C.

House Captain – Sarthak Somani – Std X

House Vice Captain – Shraddha Rajesh – Std Ix

Junior School Vice Captains:

  1. Manya Mahesh – V A
  2. Sinchana.V. – V B

House Teachers – Smt. Shobha.G., Smt. Meenakshi.K.

House Captain – Keethivasan – Std X

House Vice Captain – Chirag.G. – Std Ix

Junior Vice Captains:

  1. Veeru Anant Kulkarni – V A
  2. Keerthana – V B


On this occasion, the Jyotsna Haravu Sanksrutha Puraskara and Smt. Padma Haravu Mathematics Awards were presented to toppers in Sanskrit and Mathematics respectively for the year 2014-15.

These awards, instituted by the Haravu Charitable Trust were presented by Sri. L  Jayaram Haravu and Smt. Sharada Haravu.  Sri. Jayaram Haravu spoke to the students about the importance of Sanskrit. He read out from a blog post by an Irish teacher about the qualities of Sanskrit and how it stands out above all other languages for its beauty of sound, precision in pronunciation and reliability as well as thoroughness in every aspect of its structure. This is why it has never fundamentally changed over centuries unlike all other languages. It has had no need to change being the most perfect language of Mankind ever. The exceptional features of Sanskrit have been recognised for a few centuries all over the world, that is why universities from many countries having a Sanskrit faculty.

Mr. Haravu exhorted students to continue reading and writing in Sanskrit even after they leave the School. He also exhorted students who have an inclination for language studies to pursue Sanskrit studies in college and university rather than the beaten tracks that students seem to take.

The photo above shows, sitting left to right : Sarojini BT- Principal, L Jayaram Haravu- Governing Board Member, V. Siddharthacharry- Founder Patron, Dr.Shalini Urs- Chairperson MYRA School of Business and Smt. Sharada Haravu. They are seen with House Teachers and newly inducted leaders.

The photos of the Padma and Jyotsna Haravu awardees for 2014-15 are given below

Padma Haravu Mathematics Awardees Jyotsna Haravu Sanskrit Awardees

AVK Alumni Meeting 2015

The annual Alumni Meeting was held on Saturday 11th July 2015 between 2.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m. All teachers and students of Xth class participated. A report of the meeting and a group photo is given below.

Report of the Meet

The Annual home coming and get together of the Acharya Vidya Kula family was held on Saturday 11th July 2015.  About 70 Alumni members from various batches attended the meet. After an informal hour of networking and revisiting the campus followed by refreshments, the Alumni and all teachers and the present batch of Xth Standard gathered at the colourfully decorated Yogashaala. The school song was sung as a symbol of the unity of past and present. 

The Principal welcomed the gathering and expressed her happiness and gratitude to the Alumni who had spared time to attend the meet. The Founder Patron, Sri. V. Siddharthacharry also spoke and expressed his delight at seeing the alumni back on the campus.  He hoped that some day they would be able to take the responsibility of managing the school.  He was greeted by staff and students on the occasion of his 95th birthday. (12th July). The School’s Administrator, Sri. S.M.Acharya also extended a warm welcome to the Alumni and wished them well.  He urged them not to leave behind the values they learnt in school as they scale greater heights. Sri. L. Jayaram Haravu, member Governing Board of AVK was present on the occasion.

Later, many of  the alumni shared their memories of school life and their experience after AVK.  Their experiences and suggestions were greatly appreciated by students and teachers.

In keeping with the informal atmosphere, some of the Alumni, entertained the gathering with song and dance. The teachers and Principal shared memories of their interaction with some of the Alumni when they were young students of the School.

The President and Batch Heads who were nominated after they accepted responsibility voluntarily were named.

Ashwin Dange of the 2004 batch, who was the Founder President of the Alumni Association and who had ably shouldered his duties for the last few years, handed over charge to Anirudh Badarinath of the 2007 batch. The following students are now the new batch heads.

Year Batch Head
2003 Raghava Simha
2004 Sankeerth.T.R.
2005 Katya Saini
2006 Ganesh Krishna
2007 Ashwini Arun
2008 Shreyas.G.M.


2010 Anirudh.H.K.
2011 Janya.T.S.
2012 Akshay Mahadev


2014 Sneha.M.
2015 Vishnu Mangalvedkar
2016 Anurag Anand Vaidya





This year's meeting was hosted by the 2013 Batch.  The 2010 batch has taken the responsibility for the next meet to be held on the 2nd Saturday of July 2016. A group photo of the Alumni that attended the meet is given below.



Children's Movement for Civic Awareness

This activity for the year 2015 was inaugurated recently. This year the club is named - CMCA Soldiers of AVK . The new batch was inducted by Dr. K S Lokesh, Prof. and Head , Dept. of Environmental Engineering, SJCE, Mysore. Sri. P V Bharadwaj, Zonal co-ordinator, CMCA and Smt. Usha Subramanyam - Facilitator - CMCA were present on the occasion. Given below are two pictures taken at the event.


CMCA Inauguration 2015

Independence Day celebrations

AVK celebrated India's Independence Day with the National Flag being unfurled by the guest of Honour Sri. D. S. Jagadish, President, Freedom Fighters’ Association , Mysore. This was followed by the rendering of the National Anthem and Flag Song. The Chief Guest received the salute as the four houses presented the March Past.

Students of Standards I to VIII participated in colourful drill display in various groups. A feature titled ‘Vidurashwattha’ depicting a scene from history, the freedom movement in Kolar district in Karnataka was presented. The incident is also known as the ‘JalianwalaBagh’ of Karnataka.

Later,  Sri. D.S. Jagadish addressed the students, staff and parents. He recounted his experience during the Freedom Struggle and motivated the students by telling them to be bold courageous and to emulate values from great personalities. Founder Patron, Sri. Siddharthacharry, Secretary Smt. Vijaya Satish and members of the Governing Board were present.

Below are a few more pictures taken at the event. The last picture shows the children enacting the 'Vidurashwattha'.

Annual Samskrutotsavam Festival

The Seventeenth Sanskrit Day celebration was hosted by Achraya Vidya Kula on 22nd August 2015 at the School campus. The Chief Guest on this occasion was Vidwan. Sri. Krishna Manju Bhatt, Retd. Prof. Maharaja Samskrutha Patashala, Mysore         

The Judges for the various competitions were: Vidwan Sri Venkataramana Bhat, Sanskrit teacher in Sharadavilas Girls High School,Mysore, Smt. Bharathi Subramanyam, Locturer in SVEI PU College, Vidwan. Sri Pradeep Joshi, Lecturer, NIE Degree College, Mysore. and Sri. Vaidyanatha, Lecturer in SVEI College.

The competitions were hld in three categories as follows: Category 1, Story Telling for Standards III and IV; Category 2: Stotra Recitation for Standards V to VII, and Category 3: Speech Presentation for Standards VIII to X. Rolling Shields in each of the above categories were presented to the following Schools:

Category 1: Maharshi Public School; Category 2: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan; Category 3: Amrita Vidyalayam.

Prizes to students from different svhools that participated in the above categories were later distributed as follows:

Category 1: Story Telling

Std Ist Prize IInd Prize IIIrd Prize Consolation
IIIrd Sangeetha (Maharshi Public School) Haripriya.P.Alankar (Amrita Vidyalayam)

Anirudh.M. (Acharya Vidya Kula)

Poojashree.K.S. (Mahajana Public School)

IVth Sharanya (Maharshi Public School)

Namratha.M. (Acharya Vidya Kula)

Spoorthy.M.S. (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan)

Kannika.S. (Orchids Public School)




Category 2: Stotra Recitation

Standard Ist Prize IInd Prize IIIrd Prize Consolation

Maya (Gnanaganga Vidya Peeta)

Arjun Ramesh (St. Joseph’s Central School, Vijayanagar)

Vanshika.N.Suvarna (Rainbow Public School)

Poorvitha (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan)


Havisha.V.Sarowar (Acharya Vidya Kula)

Anisha.T.Hebbar (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan)

Keerthana.P.B. (Amrita Vidyalayam)

Nayana Nagaraj (Manasarowar Pushkarini Vidyashrama)
VII Nayana Nagaraj (Manasarowar Pushkarini Vidyashrama) Pragnya Kashyap (St. Jeseph’s Central School, Vijayanagar)

Siri Bharadwaj.K.S. (Amrita Vidyalayam)

Dhanyaa.N.  (Pramathi Hill View Academy)



Category 3: Speech Presentation

Standard Ist Prize IInd Prize IIIrd Prize Consolatiom

Ananya.R.Bhat (Amrita Vidyalayam)

Vidyadhara.S. (Hari Vidyalaya) Akanksha.H.C. (Kendriya Vidyalaya) Abhay (Maharshi Public School)
IX Pruthvi Bhat (Maharshi Public School)Pruthvi Bhat (Maharshi Public School)

– Nanditha Ratna (Amrita Vidyalayam)

Mekhala.C.Rao (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan)

Chinmayee Bharadwaj (Acharya Vidya Kula)

Siri Niranjana (Amrita Vidyalayam)

Chandani.G.S. (Acharya Vidya Kula)

Akshatha.P.R. (Maharshi Public School)

Satwik.S.Bharadwaj (The Orchids Public School)


A few pictures taken at the event are given below.



Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations, 2nd October 2015

The day was celbrated with the customary fervour and piety. Students sang songs appropriate to the ocassion. Plays depicting the scourge of untouchability and women's empowerment were enacted by students. The Chief Guest for the function was, Mr. Govinda Prasad, member of the Governing Board of AVK addressed the students on the values that Mahatma Gandhi espoused.


Annual Sports Meet, 2015

This years sports meet began on 7th October. The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. Krishna, Physical Director (retd.), University of Mysore. Staff sports were conducted on 10th October.

Kannada Rajyotsava Celebrations, 1st November 2015

Kannada Rajyotsava was celebrated at Acharya Vidya Kula on Sunday 1st November 2015. Dr. Halathi Somashekar, Education Officer, author and founder of Vismaya Publication was the Chief Guest. Students of classes V to X presented literary and cultural programmes. Founder Patron Sri. V. Siddharthacharry, Governing Board Member Sri. Govinda Prasad, Principal Sarojini BT, Vice Principal Sudha Kumar and Staff members were present on the occasion. A few pictures taken at the ocassion are seen below.


Children's Day 2015, 16th November 2015

Students of classes I to V were regaled by a magic show of Jadugar Dinesh as part of the Children's Day celebrtions. The pictures below were taken at the event.

Kruthi Sangama - Open Day 2015

This is an important yearly celebration of AVK where students showcase their talents for the benefit of parents and visitors. Dr. B. S. Raghavendra and Prof. B.N Balajee inaugurated the exhibition.

A large number of parents gathered at the school campus to see the exhibits. A big highlight of the day was the enacting of 10 soliloquies from famous Shakespearean plays. These were directed by the Founder Patron, Sri. V. Siddharthacharry. Other highlights were paintings, drawings and craft work displays, Graphology display, Literary Devices, Robotics components, a mock village with a windmill, oil crushers, an automated scarecrow, an animal prevention fence. The Biology display was spectacular with models of excretory and circulation systems, a DNA model and how DNA works. 

All the exhibits were explained patiently by students right from juniormost to the senior clasees. Below are pictures of the actors performing the soliloquies. The picture on the left shows the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare himself welcoming the audience. The two pictures below (left to right) are of Juliet lamenting the fact that Romeo is a Montague and Shylock pleading for justice to Jews. The actors and their director are seen in the photo above.


Some pictures of the Exhibits below: