Student Achievments

International Space Olympiad - 14-6-2015 (ISO-2015)

This event is conducted by Edumithra Intellectual Services, Kerala.  ISO – 2015 and has two major rounds.  An Online screening test on 3rd May 2015 in which  2000 candidates participated.  Of these, 200 candidates are selected for the  next round, a Quiz and interactive session with Dr.Chandradathan, former Director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram.  75 candidates participated in the Quiz conducted at the Kerala Science & Technology Museum and Priyadarshini Planetarium, Thiruvananthapuram, on 14th June 2015.  The Quiz had written and audio-visual rounds. 
The interactive session was with the Quiz Master, Dr.Anand Narayanan, a Doctorate in Astronomical Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania with work experience working as Scientist in Wisconsin.  Currently, he is the Associate Professor in the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram.   Prizes for the top 3 scorers were given. 
Nayan Rajesh stood 11th.  He is shown receiving a certificate from Dr. Anand Narayanan. For more details on the Olympiad, please visit

Prizes won by Students in June and July 2015 in Inter-school competitions

Environment Day Competition conducted by Larsen and Tubro, Mysore, June 2015

Pick and Speak competition: Anonya Mahadev won the Ist prize; and Anurag Anand Vaidya won the Consolation prize. In the Skit Presentation competition the following students Consolation prizes: Swathi Meghana  and Panchami.T.N. of Std IX;  and the following students of Standard X:  Nikhil Bharadwaj, Rishab P Jain, Amogh Shashikumar, Anurag Anand Vaidya, Sarthak Somani and Pranav.

Sanskrit Day at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 11-7-2015

The following students won the thrid prize for Patrioritic singing: Vishnu , Abhigna  and Jnanika all of IIIrd Standard and Asmitha and Vijayendra  of IV Standard. In Bhajan singing, the following students of Standard V won the IInd prize: Rohith.S.Murthy, Rajendra Prasad, Manyashree, Vangmayee and Veeru Anant Kulkarni.

Bhajan Competition at Sri Avadhoota Dutta Peetha, 11-7-2015

The following students won the IIIrd Prize: Sanjana Tikare and Raksha, S. of  (Std X);  Panchami, T.N. and Swathi Meghana of Std. IX; Prerana, Janhavi, K P Urs, Anirudh of Std. VIII; and Sukruth.P.; and Vaishnavi Bharadwaj of Std VII; Ashtritha Kiran Seshan of Std. VI.

Sanskrit Day Competition at Amrita Vidyalayam, 18-7-2015

 The following students won the thrid prize for recitation of ‘Kalabhairavashtakam’:  Rohith.S.Murthy, Rajendra Prasad, Shreya.C.V. , Sinchana.V. and  Manyashree all of Vth Standard.  T.N. Panchami (IXth Class) won the first prize for Bhagavad Geeta recitation. Vaishnavi Bharadwaj won the Third prze for Namaramayanam Recitation. Namratha (IVth Class) won the Third prize for Story telling.

Science Project Presentation Competition conducted by Vijaya Vittala Vidyashala, 25-7-2015

Anura Anand Vaidya and Sarthak Somani of Standard  X won the Consolotion Prize.

Chess Competition conducted by Bangalore North Chess forum and BHEL officer's Club. :  Prasiddhi Bhat of Standard IV won the Ist prize in the under 10 Girls category

Surasaraswathi Sanskrit Exam

Sanaathan.R. of Std VII won a silver medal in the Dwithiya Examination.

Olympiads conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation Science Olympiad State Level Ranking

VIth Rank: Sudhanva.K.V. – Std VIII[ 20th rank: Anurag Anand Vaidya

.Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga

Sujan, D. of Class VII won the  A-Grade and Gold Medal

Karnataka Examination Board

Megha S Gowda of Std VII obtained the 4th rank in the Junior Bharathanatyam Exam

Shell Junior Scholarship

Anurag Anand Vaidya of Std X was declared the Regional Winner

Bournvita Quiz Contest – City level, 29-7-2015

Runners Up – Sudhanva.K.V. of Std VIII and  Uddhav.M.Kaushik of Std VIII

Pratibha Kaarangi Competitions, 2015

The Department of Education at the Yelwal cluster level in the Primary, Middle  and High School Sections held the Pratibha Kaarangi competitions. Many of our students won prizes at the competitions. The photo on the left shows our winners. Given below are the different competitions and prize winners in the Primary, Middle and High School sections.

Primary Sections

English Recitation: Namratha C  IV A  II Prize

Kannada Recitation:  Asmitha Kiran Seshan IV B II Prize

Clay Modeling: Saloni A  IV A  II Prize

Light Music: Asmitha Kiran Seshan  IV B  III  Prize

Story Telling: Namratha M  IV B  II Prize

Patriotic Song III Prize:  The following students:  Pallavi  IV A, Abhignya III A , Jnanika III A, Llakshya IV A, Vishnu III B  Vijayendra IV B

Middle Sections

Hindi Recitation: Labdhi jain  VA I Prize

Kannada Recitation: Jahnavi R Namoshi VI B  II Prize

English Recitation: Sanjana R Kashyap VII B   III prize

Story Telling: Vindhya V  VII A II Prize

Action Song: Sukruth P  VIIB I Prize

Dharmika Patana: Veeru Ananth Kulkarni VA  III Prize

Drawing : Kanva  VII A II Prize

Light Music: Vaishnavi Bharatwaj VII B I Prize

Yoga: Akhil Kumar T VII A II Prize

Patriotic Song: I prize. The following students: Ashritha Kiran Seshan VIA, Srija Basappa VII B, Advaith VA, Vaishnavi Bharadwaj VII B, Sukruth P VII B

Higher Sections

Dharmika Patana: Panchami T N IX B Ist Prize

Drawing: Harsha N X A Ist Prize

Janapada Geete: Panchami T N IX B III Prize

Bhavageethe Swathi Meghana IX B I st Prize

Bharathanatyam: Chinmayi Bharadwaj IX A      Ist Prize

Science Model: Nayan Rajesh IX A and Rajath R Haritsa  IX A Ist Prize

Quiz III Prize: The following students: Sudhanshu Bharadwaj, VIII B Raksha X B, Sanath V VIIIA and Pranav Bhaskar VIII B

District Level competitions

The following students won prizes at the District Level Prathiba Karanji Competition held recently. Their pictures are given at the left.

Dharmika Patana: IInd Prize Panchami T N – Std IX

Light Music:  IInd Prize Vaiishnavi Bharadwaj – Std VII

Science Model  MakingNayan Rajesh and Rajath R Haritsa – Std IX

Mysore West Lions Sevaniketan School Quiz

Anurag Anand Vaidya of class X and K V Sudhanva of class VIII were declared Runners-up  [IIrd Place] at the Quiz Competition conducted by Mysore West Lions Sevaniketan School  on 4th Septemebr 2015.  The proud winners are seen in the picture alongside.

Bhagavadgeetha Chanting Competition conducted by Sadvidya Institution on 24th November

Namratha M (Std IV) and Anirudh M (Std III) students of Acharya Vidya Kula participated in the Bhagavadgeetha Chanting Competition conducted by Sadvidya Institution on 24th November and won the Rolling Shield in the Primary Section. Namratha M also won the I Prize. Congratulations Namrata and Anirudh.

National Spelling Bee Contest, Kolkata

Sanjana R Kashyap of class VII has bagged the I Rank in the WIZ National Spelling Bee contest Conducted Recently at KOLKATA. Congratulations Sanjana.

The Traffic Awareness program competitions

Mysore Traffic Police conducted competitions during The Traffic Awareness program in Mysore. Our students, Prateeksha S Nair of Standard  IX B and Tarun of Standard IX A won the Ist prize in Eng.Debate and English Essay Writing Competition respectively. Their pictures are given below.


Base Funda Champs Mathematics And Science  Inter School Quiz, 13-2-2016

Sudhanve KV of Standard VIII secured I prize and Jahnavi KP Urs of Standard VIII secured 2nd Runner Up. Their pictures are seen below.

Catch Them Young Programme of Infosys


K V Sudhanva, Sudanshu Bharadwaj and K V Nagadhanush, students of class VIII of AVK have been selected for the 3 weeks Catch Them Young programme to be conducted by INFOSYS Technologies, Mysore this summer. Their picture is adjoining.



Anurag Anand Vaidya , Student of Standard X at Acharya Vidya Kula has secured the 21st Rank in National Talent Search Examination -2015 Stage 1 conducted by Department of State Education Research and Training(DSERT) . He is now qualified to participate in stage 2 to be  conducted by NCERT in May 2016. We congratulate Anurag; this is not the first time he has made the School proud. He is seen on the left.


ASSET Talent Scholar Award

K V Sudhanva now a student of class IX of Acharya Vidya Kula has been awarded the ASSET Talent Scholar Award (in class VIII) by EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES Pvt. Ltd. This award is given to students whose scores are in the 95th Percentile in the ASSET Talent Search Exam 2015-2016. His percentile scores are 96 in English, 98.8 in Mathematics and 99.6 in Science. Congratulations Sudhanva.