Celebration of Events

AVK believes that an important part of education should be to expose students to significant events, national and international: their significance and purpose and the birth anniversaries of great individuals. Students are also asked to prepare presentations on these events and personalities.

Given below are some of the regular events celebrated each year

World Environment Day, June 5th: Talks by experts are arranged and children create models and/or enact the importance of this day.


Independence Day, 15th August: The National Flag is unfurled, followed by singing the National Anthem, Lazium display, march past by students and a speech by the chief guest.


Samskrutotsava Day: Event sponsored by AVK to encourage the use of Sanskrit in various forms - in recitation, drama, song. The event is very popular. Well known Sanskrit scholars are invited to judge the entries in three categories according to age groups.

Teachers Day, 5th September: Students, under the guidance of House Captains and Vice – Captains, put up a variety entertainment programme.  In the afternoon, students of Std X substitute teachers to manage the classes.  The School Management hosts a lunch for the teachers.  Tokens of appreciation are distributed.

Childrens Day, 14th November: Special shows are arranged for the children. Teachers present a variety entertainment programme.


Kannada Rajyotsava Day, 1st November: A chief guest, usually a well-known Kannada literatuer or teacher is invited to speak on the ocassion. Children put up a variety entertainment programme in Kannada. The entire month of November is devoted to assembly programmes in Kannada.


Kruthi Sangama (open Day): This is a very colourful day for both students, teachers and parents who flock to see the handiwork of students guided by teachers. A theme is chosen for each year to showcase talents.


Kala Sangama (Annual Day):

Republic Day, 26th Januray: A special lecture followed by singing of patriotic songs and then the release of the School's annual magazine called, Smruti follows. The picture shows that event.

Jyotirdhana Samarambha: an annual feature where students of the IXth class bid farewell to the outgoing Xth class. A ceremonial lamp is lit and offered to departing students, followed by an entertainment programme by the IXth class.