Creative Self Expression

Creative Self Expression

All students belong to one of four Shakas or Houses: Aruni, Nachiketa,Swetaketu and Upamanyu.  From an early class, children are introduced to competitive creation and a sense of belonging.

Inter-house competitions in literary, dramatics, arts and crafts and sports are held throughout the year. Children with special aptitudes, e.g.,dancing or music are showcased during school functions.



Annual events held are an important part of AVKs attempt to foster and encourage native talent. This does a lot for the self-confidence of children.

An Annual Inter-school competition in Sanskrit called, Samskrutotsava, is a great incentive to AVK students and students of other schools in Mysore to promote Sanskrit literature, poetry, drama and India's ancient heritage.

Children are encouraged and coached to participate in Quiz and General Knowledge competitions organized in the city. AVK children have won many prizes across the years.