AVK's Mission

  • AVK believes that the education of children is a sacred responsibility.  AVK’s founders, teachers, Principal and Management are committed to ensuring that:

    • Students are provided an enabling learning environment where the curriculum of the ICSE is comprehensively covered together with ample scope for ongoing assessment, periodic examinations, special classes, and where needed, personal attention and counselling.

    • Students are also provided adequate opportunities for creative self-expression through many non- and co-curricular activities including team sports, participation in the celebration of events of national and international importance, music, drama, debate, elocution, reading assignments, socially productive work, etc.

    • Students leaving its portals at the end of class X become responsible young adults, capable of going forth confidently to achieve the academic and career goals that they set for themselves as young men and women of India’s future.

    • Students respect and bring to bear the behavioural and cultural values that AVK teachers and founders inculcate in them in all their endeavours.

    • Students understand that learning and education is not an end in itself, but the means to serving greater social and national causes, their families, school, society and country all of whom have invested much love, time, energy and resources in their upbringing and education.  

    • They bring laurels to themselves, their families and the school through focussed hard and dedicated work in both academic and non-academic endeavours.

    • Students are taught to espouse and encourage the values of good citizenship in all spheres of their lives.

    • Parents of children are involved both formally and informally with teachers in the educational process

    • Children's safety during transportation to school and within school hours is given the highest priority.

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