Learning Resources

This section provides links to useful presentations, tutorials, audio-visual content in the various subjects of interest to the students. Teachers will also be encouraged to contribute their teaching materials to the site.

Some of the topics that the teachers of AVK have identified as being difficult to explain to students/comprehend by students are given below with links to a learning resource. If you find it interesting please share this knowledge with other class mates. This web site gratefully acknowledges the content provided by various authors.
To view these resources you must have a reasonably good connection to the Internet. Wear headphones to listen to the audio content in the video. You will be able to listen to the lesson more clearly with headphones..

All Subjects
The Site contains videos of lessons in all major science, commerce and economics subjects

English language and grammar

English grammar: Use of prepositions lesson 1
English grammar: Use of prepositions lesson 2
English grammar: Use of prepositions lesson 3

Geography and Earth Sciences

Coriolis force - what is it? Click to see a visualization
Cyclones - video
Earth geography - how earthquakes occur

Science and Technology

Atoms and elements
Basic atomic structure
Atomic structure and its history

Worlds largest portal of free online lectures on physics
Ionic and covalent bonding
Ionic bonding
Covalent bonding
Covalent bonding models
Thermal power generation tutorial
Micro hydropower generation
The working of a nuclear power plant
Blast furnace technology - 1
Blast furnace technology - 2
Steel making - start to finish
Introduction to human organ systems
Introduction to Genetics - Chromosomes, Alleles, inheritance
How the Cell Cycle works: Mitosis, Cytokinesis

Computer Science

How the Internet works