This page contains the feelings of students of the Xth Class about the school, in their last days at the School.


In all the years of my school life, my last four years, here at AVK, are the best. I joined this family away from home, for my seventh grade. That year, I had been more of a whiner.. But from eighth onwards, I made progress in getting to know others…..from that year I made real friends, and stronger connections.  To name a few from a list of hundred things which we would miss, the first would be the classes (not lessons always though) and its wide menu of paper chit messenger, silent lip movement talks to more rebellious act of moving into someone’s place. But I will miss most our teachers and particularly our beloved class teacher, Lalitha ma’am ,who was like our mother at school, I will miss my friends  and our beloved juniors, who looked upon us, joked with us and made our time at school better. I will always remember the love and care which we received from school and achieve something, which would make my second home, Acharya Vidya Kula, proud.                         Pratham B.C.- X A

Every beginning has an end and after every end comes a new beginning. Acharya Vidya Kula has braced me for this new beginning and I am confident to step into the world outside. Captaincy taught me to not only be responsible for myself but for others around me as well. I have grown tremendously as a person in the time that I have spent in this school. I am indebted to everyone who made this possible- my teachers, classmates, seniors, juniors and also the helping staff. I thank Sarojini Ma'am, who helped me in tough situations and encouraged me to improve. I will never forget these eight years as they were fun filled. I leave AVK with mixed emotions. I hope to be a part of this amazing family forever and carry forward the legacy of our founder, our Thatha, Sri.V. Siddharthacharry.           Uddhav M Koushik- X A    

I did not join this school in the first standard, but when I did join it, all the teachers, classmates and the school itself took me in like we had been inseparable from the beginning. All the way from there, it has been an awesome and enlightening experience. Life might take me to many other places, but I will always remember my school and mentors who taught me to face and accept life, with fondness and gratitude.                                                              Sudhanva K V – X A

I distinctly remember the day when I first entered this beautiful campus of Acharya Vidya Kula. I was puzzled looking at the buildings as all of them looked very unique. But I slowly realized that I was blessed to have studied here. I felt our school was a second home. My teachers taught me each and everything, corrected me, guided me and moulded me. But now, after ten years, I feel a great pain to leave this place. This place has been the best learning forum for me and I thank everyone for this.           Jahnavi K.P. Urs -X B                                                                                                           

I have spent 10 years in this school. I have enjoyed being in this beautiful environment surrounded by knowledgeable teachers and caring friends who have guided me throughout my school days. I am leaving AVK with fond memories and with the blessings of our dear Thatha and teachers.         L Y Dheeraj - X A

I have been nurtured in this beautiful environment for 10 years and guided by the best teachers and finally I am prepared to face the world. I have enjoyed all these years of my schooling with my dear and caring friends. I am leaving this school with the blessings of my teachers and with lots of memories.      Nandeesh Ranganath M B -   X B 

Though I joined the school this year, I have learnt many values under the guidance of teachers and my dear friends. I have enjoyed in this school a lot. These 10 months of schooling in AVK are the best part of my school life.             Shreyas S Shettar   -  X A

Ten years of my schooling have been wonderful and memorable. They have taught me the basic values of life, good behaviour and right attitude. I thank my teachers for educating me.                                                                                                    Kuthuhal M    -    X B 

As a young child, I always wanted to grow up fast, but now I realise that I shall miss the joy of childhood. I know it is time for me to spread my wings and fly towards my goals leaving my home away from home- my school behind.          Laasya Nagaraj -  X A

I thank my teachers for teaching me to look at obstacles as opportunities. I Thank my friends for accepting me though I joined the batch only in class VIII. You were kind enough to make me feel comfortable. I now leave with a bag full of memories.           Subiksha M  - X A 

I have spent wonderful years in this beautiful school. I have learnt to be good and helpful to others. I feel proud to be a product of this school.    Koushik V J  -   X B

I am lucky to have been nurtured for ten years under this Banyan tree- my school. I Express my gratitude to my teachers for the care and concern shown Shreyas G.K.- X B

A part from academics, I have learnt social skills during my ten years of schooling at AVK. I thank my teachers for that. They have been instrumental in shaping my personality, teaching me good behaviour and discipline.          Lalitaditya C   - X A