Parent-teacher interactions

Parent – Teacher Interaction

The school condiucts meetings with parents at the beginning of each academic session. Parents are also invited once in two months to interact with teachers. Where necessary, a parent is called by the Principal in association with one or more teachers to discuss the performance of their ward.

The School's Dairy which presents a monthly calender of events in the School is used to report on matters which may need parental attention and guidance. The Parents’ Association has representatives from each class and section. A Parent representative takes part in the bi-monthly meetings of the Board of Governors. He or she reports on matters which one or other parent expresses regarding the school, transportation, safety, etc. These are dealt with by the management as effectively as possible.

Keeping in mind the psychological and behavioural problems that teenagers are likey to face, the School has retained a Student Counsellor who is available twice a week for consultation by students. A student may also request a consultation. We have found that the Counsellor has been able to effectively address child-parent relationships and/or student behavioural problems through patient counselling and advice to the students and parents. The Counsellor has also addressed groups of parents on how they can better guide their children and in dealing with study-related problems.  Students have found this arrangement helpful.